Soleil Babe Starter Set

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Soleil Organics brown sugar based tanning solution ensures golden brown results every time. Choose your desired tan with our color control technology. 

This is a bundle set that includes your choice of ONE Soleil Tanning Mousse paired with ONE Plush Self Tanning Applicator Mitt. Don't forget to make your selection above! NOW IN 200ml/6.7fl.oz

Our most popular solution is perfect for bikini season! This mouse has a slimming solution that tackles cellulite and tightens skin. The ingredients include caffeine and silicia. Caffeine acts, as a skin tightening miracle and silicia is an essential component in the firmness of your skin. This solution also contains aloe vera leaf extract to help keep your skin hydrated.

'Sculpt & Glow' Bronzing Mousse

Many of us focus on anti-aging prevention for our face but our bodies should be just as important! If you want smoother and healthier skin this product is for you! This mousse was created to target fine lines and wrinkles. The key ingredient is pea extract, which slows down the deterioration process of your skins protein. This occurs naturally as we age and you will thank yourself later by helping maintain your skins elasticity.

'Born Again' Bronzing Mousse

Get your glow on! Our Shimmer solution best used before special events or for a weekend getaway. After application, we recommend dressing in dark-colored clothing. Shimmer effect lasts up to 24 hours.

'Radiant Finish' Bronzing Mousse
Soleil Babe Starter Set
Soleil Babe Starter Set

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