Prior to Tanning
- Exfoliate and shave prior to tanning to ensure an even tan application.
- Leave yourself enough time for the application and development of your tan.

During Tanning
- For best results; apply using our tan applicator mitt in long sweeping motions, starting from the ankles and working your way up.  After all the areas are Tanned, lightly glide the excess Mousse from the mitt over your hands and feet

- Tan in front of a mirror with good lighting to ensure no spots are missed

- Wear loose fitted dark clothing during the development time

- The longer you leave the solution on, the darker the tan. We recommend 4-8 hours before showering

Customizable color for all skin tones:
3-4 hours before showering to achieve a light to medium result
4-8 hours to achieve a medium to dark result
    * Apply a second coat for your darkest tan possible

Additional tips to prolong the life of your tan:
-Don't Exfoliate after tanning. Use only water or gentle soap to rinse off the excess bronzer in the shower with your hands to ensure your new tan is not scrubbed off.
-moisturize daily
-Swimming in chlorinated pools may cause your tan to wear quickly. If you do go swimming, try to dry off as soon as possible.